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The following is a summary of the Interim Rules and Regulations approved by the Spinnaker Point Board of Administrators to reduce the risk of fires at Spinnaker:

GRILLS: All grills, both propane and charcoal, must be placed on Hardi Plank or a similar fireproof material approved by the Resident Manager of Spinnaker Point. All grills should be free from rust and deterioration and be in good operating condition. The Resident Manager of Spinnaker Point will inspect each grill at least annually to assure proper operating condition. The only charcoal grills permitted are those where no live coals can be seen through the bottom of the grill (air vents) while in use and where ashes are properly contained. They must be of the enclosed type where the lid is not normally detached during use. Non-conforming grills will be removed.

CITRONELLA CANDLES: Only citronella candles in metal containers are permitted. Citronella candles in plastic containers are specifically prohibited.

TIKI TORCHES: Only metal tiki torches are permitted and the containers for the liquid must not leak and be free of rust. Plastic, wooden, and bamboo tiki torches are specifically prohibited. Furthermore, tiki torches must be solidly attached to the deck in a manner that will prevent them from falling over under any set of circumstances.


Spinnaker Point homeowners are responsible for keeping their decks free of accumulated leaves and other debris that represents a fire hazard, especially in the fall and winter months. The Resident Manager of Spinnaker Point is authorized to clean any decks that do not comply with the requirement at a cost to the homeowner using Spinnaker's standard chargeout rate of $20 per hour.

Absolutely no gasoline may be stored in or around the condos or on the boat docks or in boat lockers.

Never leave fireplaces or any device with an open flame (such as grills, candles, or tiki torches on decks) unattended, either when leaving the unit or upon retiring in the evening.

Be extra careful by extinguishing any devices with open flames when winds increase.

Each unit should be equipped with the appropriate number of fire extinguishers.