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The following is a summary of other Rules and Regulations pertaining to the use of the property and our responsibilities to one another as homeowners:

No motor homes, mobile homes, or camping trailers are to be parked in the parking areas. Also, boats and trailers are not allowed in parking areas. Motor homes may be parked in the area east of the tennis court only temporarily (3 days maximum) with the permission of the Resident Manager. Boats and boat trailers may be parked behind the water plant or to the east of the trash facilities (se Resident Manager). All boats and  trailers parked at Spinnaker Point must bear the name and the condo number of the owner.

Any request for condo interior maintenance will be completed on a cost plus basis and billed directly to the homeowner. Contact the Resident Manager for details and scheduling.

All condo exterior alterations or additions require the approval of the Board of Administrators (By-Laws, Article VIII, Paragraph 2). Contact the Resident Manager for more information.

In accordance with the By-Laws, any party proposing to sell or lease their unit must first give notice to the Board of Administrators. Any attempts to sell or lease without complying with these provisions are null and void. The Board of Administrators has responsibilities to all homeowners. As such, the Board of Administrators has certain rights as described in the By-Laws with respect to any such sale or lease and is entitled to obtain additional information regarding any proposed transaction. A form has been developed which secures the required information from both the buyer and seller regarding any proposed sale or lease. Copies of this form may be obtained from the Resident Manager.

During winter months, please notify the Resident Manager if you desire to leave your thermostat set on 55 degrees at all times. During freezing conditions, the Resident Manager will initiate frost patrol procedures.

At all times of the year, homeowners are encouraged to turn off the individual water valve to your condo when the condo is not being used to prevent possible water damage that can occur if any plumbing line is broken.

A $25 late fee will be charged to all delinquent bills not paid by the 15th of the month.