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RULES & REGULATIONS - June 1, 2003

In order to maintain Spinnaker Point's atmosphere as a family-oriented community, it is appropriate to establish certain rules and regulations designed to maintain that atmosphere and to assure a safe environment for our homeowners and their guests.

The Spinnaker Point Resident Manager is authorized by the Board of Administrators to take appropriate steps to enforce these rules and regulations.

The Board of Administrators may place appropriate restrictions on the use of the common elements by parties who fail to comply with these rules and regulations.

Spinnaker Point's "guiding principle" is to create and maintain an environment so that owners and their guests are able to enjoy themselves without interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of Spinnaker Point by other owners/guests. While no set of Rules and Regulations can be all encompassing, they include the following:


Suitable attire shall be worn at all times


Public displays of affection are inappropriate.


Loud conduct, profanity or other offensive language is not permitted.


Noise is to be kept to a minimum. Radios, stereos, televisions, etc. are to be played at a level low enough so as not to interfere with the peace and quiet of adjoining units.


Boats, including personal watercraft such as wave runners, are to be operated quietly and at idle speed within the breakwater at both docks.

Please drive slowly - 15 miles/hour speed limit for the safety of children and pedestrians. Please observe the One-Way signs. This is especially important at the entry of Spinnaker Point !

Please be considerate in parking your vehicles so that other vehicles have the freedom to come and go.

The following are not permitted on the deck railings:

  • Swimsuits
  • Towels
  • Laundry

Owners are responsible for the actions and behavior of guests, children, and pets.

Children under twelve (12) years of age should be accompanied by an adult when:

  • Swimming in the pool
  • Walking on, or swimming from, the Boat Docks.
  • Playing on the Tennis Court.

Children under eighteen (18) years of age should be accompanied by an adult when:

  • Using the Exercise Room

Furniture should never be removed from the Club House or away from the pool area.

The Breakwater structures are "off limits" to owners and their guests at all times.

Parking Rules:


Motor Homes, Mobile Homes, Camping Trailers, Boats, and Trailers are not permitted in the parking areas.


Motor Homes may be parked temporarily in the area east of the tennis court (3 days maximum).  


Boats and Trailers may be stored behind the water plant or to the east of the trash facility.


Boats and Trailers parked in Spinnaker Point must bear the name and condo number of the owner.

Clubhouse Rules:


Furniture may not be removed from the Clubhouse or away from the Pool.

Trash Disposal:

1) Please do not leave garbage outside of your unit.
2) Deposit trash in the garbage dumpsters at the top of the hill opposite the Tennis Court.
3) Place use the trash containers located on the property.

Motorcycles, power bikes and off-road vehicles are not allowed at Spinnaker Point.


  • Dogs and Cats must be confined to the owner's unit area at all times, or under control of and in the presence of the owner, and are not allowed to run loose. Pet waste should be picked up immediately, bagged, and disposed.


  • No posting of advertisements or other signs is allowed on or about the property.

Suspicious or Inappropriate Behavior:

  • Please report any suspicious persons or incidents to the Resident Manager (782-2169).


  • To insure proper security, please register any guests with the Resident Manager when the owner is not present.

Firearms & Fireworks:

  • The use of firearms is prohibited at Spinnaker Point.